Monday, April 20, 2009

Journal Question #5- My major

My major was biological statistics, and I got the Master in Department of Agronomy, National Taiwan University. The university which is located in the downtown of Taipei is very noted, and I'm so glad that I was a member of it. Although it was a difficult time in my life, I had a good memory and friends there. My classmates helped and encouraged me a lot and always made me laugh as the attached photos which show how happy we were. Also, I had the chance to live in Taipei which is the capital of Taiwan, and I joined in abundant activities and displays in two years. In the period, I learned a lot of statistics methods to analyze samples and how were the samples made by computer for research. Due to the graduation thesis, I developed my patience to deal with my experiment and finish more than one hundred pages of the thesis. As the result of the training, I grew up fast and had the ability to overcome any issues in my life. After finishing the Master, I have worked for two years and served as a sale assistant. It seems totally different from statistics, but I use the same conscientious attitude as studying statistics to do my job. I don't repel any type of jobs and love to challenge different and fresh things such as why I go abroad and come here to study English in CESL.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journal Question #4- Dragon Marrow Soup

There are abundant kinds of traditional snacks in Taiwan. Foreigners are always astonished that Taiwanese uses any kind or part of animals for the dishes such as chicken rumps or the blood of snake. Actually not every Taiwanese would like to try all of them, because some light repasts are indeed strange. I remembered that one time my friend invited me to eat the famous dish in Zhanghua which is located in the middle of Taiwan. The famous dish is called "Peitou Meatball" and the stand also sells the soup called "Dragon Marrow Soup". I was very curious about the soup which I didn't hear before, so I ordered both of them, the Peitou Meatball and the Dragon Marrow Soup. When the dishes were put on our desk, something in the soup looked white and soft. I asked the boss what the thing was, and he replied the soup was made by pig marrow. It was my first time to eat the soup and it tasted so-so. I knew that it was my last time to try and eat the Dragon Marrow Soup. As for the Peitou Meatball was delicious which contained mushrooms, meat, and garlic. If one day you come to Zhanghua, Taiwan, I'll suggest that you could eat the Peitou Meatball, but not the Dragon Marrow Soup.

(Fig 1. Peitou Meatball, Fig 2. Dragon Marrow Soup)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Journal Question #3- My epitaph

"She always smiled and gave people encouragement and help", my epitaph will be written.
I don't expect how a great enterprise and how rich I have in my life. But I expect to become an easy and simple man who always smiles and has the wisdom to help people. One word said: "We always don't know that our little giving even if a smile or a coin will bring what power it is.” I deeply believe the miracle and follow the faith in life. If I died one day, I don't want that posterity remember who I am, and I only want they could follow the spirit as the description of my epitaph. As for the grave, I don't want it is too big to waste space, and the size is around one or two level ground. The gravestone has many colorful lazurites to make beautiful figures to embellish the epitaph. That is not only a gravestone but also a beautiful art. When people come across the gravestone, they can not refrain from looking at it and give it a smile. That is my ideal grave. ^^

Friday, April 3, 2009

Journal Question #2-the kind of people returns to nature

Many kinds of people catch different dreams in Taiwan. Today I want to introduce one type here. They love the Earth and want that everything which they use is nature such as their food, clothes, and supplies. They believe that natural things can bring them health. So they usually eat organic food which wasn't produced or grew by chemical and pesticides. When shopping, they bring canvas shopping bags instead of plastic bags in order to reduce the quantity of trash. However their clothes are made by natural fiber like gunny or cotton, and the color of clothes are made by hand-dyed. The producing process is so complex that it needs a long time to make clothes. That's why every clothes is an art and unique which contains some Chinese style and adding new elements. Although it's hard to say that people wearing the hand-dyed clothes is the kind person who I talk about. But I can promise every designer who makes the dyed clothes is certainly the kind person.

(The pictures are from:!Q75ULIyLExzdOeae.lJR/)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Journal Question #1-Taiwan’s flag

(Fig. 1. Taiwan’s flag) (Fig. 2. Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen)

Taiwan’s flag was attributed by Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen, who is the founding father of Taiwan. Originally the flag’s predecessor was made by Mr. Lu Hao-Dong, who was Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen’s neighbor. He was also a revolutionary and made the flag for the national revolution. There were two colors, blue and white on the forerunner of Taiwan’s flag.

(Fig. 3. The forerunner of Taiwan’s flag ) (Fig. 4. Lu Hao-Dong)

Unfortunately the national revolution was not a happy ending. It failed and led to many revolutionary heroes die. Mr. Lu Hao-Dong also died in the national revolution. Dr. Sun, Yat-Sen wanted to celebrate the martyrs, so he added red on the flag to stand for their brave sacrifice. That’s why Taiwan’s flag contains three colors, blue, white and red. Blue represents freedom, white stands for equality, and red signifies philanthropy. Today Taiwan's flag could flutter in the sky, we should appreciate the martyrs' devoting.

Monday, March 23, 2009

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